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Weighted Long Enough

I see this sign, every time I drive North through Owasso. It’s for a weight loss clinic and it says “Weighted long enough?”. Well yes, I believe I have, but honestly, what am I capable of doing about it? I cannot afford (nor am I sure I want) weight loss surgery (which I believe is all that is ‘sold’ at a clinic). I’m not quite motivated enough to do it all the “safe” and “hard” way. I’m also rather terrified of loose skin, something that affects the majority of people who lose a lot of weight, even if they do so slowly and safely, while exercising to add muscle tone.

One friend of mine, from once upon a time, had weight loss surgery and recommended it to me. The method she recommended is a relatively new one, that involves cutting out part of the stomach to reduce the amount of food that can fit in it. I don’t know why she considered this safer than a lap-band, but it sounds scary as hell. I’ve had abdominal surgery before, to remove my gall bladder, and I wouldn’t choose to do it again unless I absolutely had to. It hurt like hell for a really long time, and I think that surgery is what really sparked my weight gain.

I think about my weight constantly, but it’s not always something I care about enough to want to change. My addiction to carbs is so overpowering most of the time, and the comfort derived from food is, well, comforting.

I realize that society as a whole completely devalues and objectifies overweight women. Both men and women are guilty of this. From a feeling of disgust or discomfort to an outright bad-person move (such as the one made by above friend, who took a photo of a woman walking in front of her and said “titties on her back”, a move I cannot understand given her own battle with weight).

I play World of Warcraft frequently, and in that game there is a social aspect that is often nauseating. The ‘World’ is full of immature males who feel ‘safe’ behind their character names, and who make incredibly frequent remarks about women (probably because they don’t have much exposure to them) and are especially abrasive towards ‘fat’ women, because “beached and bloated whales don’t count as girls”. Is it wrong of me to assume these ‘children’ don’t have very many feminine influences in their lives to feel and act this way towards women? Maybe. Maybe I’m a bit prejudiced, too. But it seems close enough to the truth to make it okay. How else can they think this way, if not by living in a space in which there are no women, or the only women in their lives are ignorant of their abusive beliefs (ahem, coddled-mommy’s-little-boy syndrome).

In my day-to-day life, on the days that I venture out of my home, I feel perpetually ashamed of myself for my appearance. I’m on-edge about so much. I don’t usually wear makeup or ‘do’ my hair. I tell myself I just don’t care, but part of it is a feeling of hiding, anonymity. I’m hiding in this fat suit, and hoping you just won’t notice me at all.

There’s so much more about this I want to write, but I think I need to call it quits. Call it fear, exhaustion, or sheer laziness, but I think I should bid this post adieu.


Sick Baby Cat

I haven’t been posting at all recently because we were on vacation and came home to my “baby, Isis, being sick. She had lost interest in food and became very lethargic. After a few weeks of care at our regular vet, she took a turn for the worse and we brought her to the veterinary emergency hospital.

Thankfully she was released back to us yesterday, and is slowly recovering.

She was diagnosed with diabetic ketoacidosis and hepatic lipidosis from resultant anorexia.

I don’t know if the stress of us being away for a few days added to this condition, but I feel awful, both mentally and physically. Yesterday we had to wake up twice overnight to administer medications and food and the schedule will continue for awhile.

I’m so overjoyed though that she is more than likely going to get better.

That said, this has cost us more money than we have. Her vet bill is close to $3000 and her medications cost us $350. I tried to use a coupon to purchase her insulin, Lantus, and was blacklisted and banned by Walmart and Lantus for trying to use it on a pet, which has been done before by at least hundreds of other people, on some very supportive feline diabetes websites. They now have a customer for life, so what the fuck does it matter if it’s a human or a cat?

Anyway, all these bills are driving us crazy. We were already maxed out, living paycheck to paycheck, and now we have additional monthly payments we will need to make. We were fortunate enough to get approved for Care Credit, a line of credit for medical or veterinary purchases, but now have 3 additional monthly bills to pay it back, in addition to the cost of her new medications and glucose level monitoring.

This is the link to my fundraiser to help cover these costs.  So far the only donation I have received is from an old friend who also loves cats.