Sick Baby Cat

I haven’t been posting at all recently because we were on vacation and came home to my “baby, Isis, being sick. She had lost interest in food and became very lethargic. After a few weeks of care at our regular vet, she took a turn for the worse and we brought her to the veterinary emergency hospital.

Thankfully she was released back to us yesterday, and is slowly recovering.

She was diagnosed with diabetic ketoacidosis and hepatic lipidosis from resultant anorexia.

I don’t know if the stress of us being away for a few days added to this condition, but I feel awful, both mentally and physically. Yesterday we had to wake up twice overnight to administer medications and food and the schedule will continue for awhile.

I’m so overjoyed though that she is more than likely going to get better.

That said, this has cost us more money than we have. Her vet bill is close to $3000 and her medications cost us $350. I tried to use a coupon to purchase her insulin, Lantus, and was blacklisted and banned by Walmart and Lantus for trying to use it on a pet, which has been done before by at least hundreds of other people, on some very supportive feline diabetes websites. They now have a customer for life, so what the fuck does it matter if it’s a human or a cat?

Anyway, all these bills are driving us crazy. We were already maxed out, living paycheck to paycheck, and now we have additional monthly payments we will need to make. We were fortunate enough to get approved for Care Credit, a line of credit for medical or veterinary purchases, but now have 3 additional monthly bills to pay it back, in addition to the cost of her new medications and glucose level monitoring.

This is the link to my fundraiser to help cover these costs.  So far the only donation I have received is from an old friend who also loves cats.


2 thoughts on “Sick Baby Cat

  1. I just came across your post about your poor sweet new diabetic kitty! I am so sorry to hear about another kitty having to be submitted to the horrors of a diabetic lifestyle. My little cat has been diabetic for almost her entire life, and it is a rocky road. I hope that your girl is doing better!! I know Costco has Lantus for the cheapest, if there is one near you. Thank god for all the resources online nowadays.

    Best wishes!


    1. Hi Robin and thank you. I have found quite a few good resources online, and thank goodness for them – our vet is pretty clueless. She and her staff actually ruined our first SoloStar pen in their indignant ignorance. She also claims the FDMB caused someone to hack into her computer (side rant: the computer illiterate drive me crazy sometimes). I don’t think we have any Costcos near here at all, but I appreciate the tip! The cheapest we found it is at our small local pharmacy, where it was around $330 for 5 pens.

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